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Oracle to Acquire Loyalty Solution Provider CrowdTwist

Oracle has signed an agreement to acquire CrowdTwist, a provider of cloud-based Loyalty solution. CrowdTwist offers capabilities for “discounts, points, check-ins or rewards.

The CrowdTwist team will become part of Oracle CX Cloud and in future this solution will be integrated with CX Unity which includes Oracle’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) offering.

Loyalty Management (and associated capabilities such as reward points, offers, coupons and discounts) is emerging as a major use case for CDP platforms. I see several CDPs now beginning to offer some capabilities for this. Since you have all your customer data unified in your CDP, you can use a Loyalty Platform to apply reward points or offer discounts to your customers based on their interactions across multiple channels and platforms. 

This is a handy capability. However, and as with Analytics and Personalization, you really need to think hard if this capability should be a part of your CDP or be a separate layer that works on top of a CDP…

Tealium Partners With Leanplum

CDP vendor Tealium and engagement platform Leanplum have announced their partnership.

Leanplum has several capabilities for analytics and for creating campaigns. These include push messaging, email marketing, mobile app notifications and so forth. It’s Campaign Composer is a visual canvas-like interface to create 

Engagement is a very obvious use of Customer Data. And again, as with Loyalty, Personalization and Analytics, you have two strategies:

  1. Use a single platform that does both data management and engagement
  2. Use separate best-of-breed solutions or platforms 

This partnership is an example of 2nd strategy.

Data Management Platforms: What You Always Wanted to Know But Didn’t Know Who to Ask

If you are in the market for Data Management Platforms, do check out this whitepaper by Nagesh Gurikar (with some contribution from me) of Mindtree.

The following is table of content of this paper:

  1. Introduction
  2. Key technologies in Digital Marketer’s Toolkit
    1. Marketing Technology Mix
    2. CDP Vs DMP
  3. What to Look For in a DMP
  4. DMP Marketplace
  5. Conclusion

Header image source: Leanplum

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