AltView is an industry analyst and advisory firm.

  • Focused on digital transformation and strategy
  • Vendor agnostic
  • Broad as well as deep expertise across several digital technology marketplaces
  • Expertise built as a result of implementation and advisory experience with global organizations

Our Services

For Technology Users

If you are a technology user or technology buyer, our product selection services will be helpful.

For Integrators and Service Providers

We help SIs and other service providers with Thought Leadership Advisory and other services

For VCs, PE firms

If you are acquiring a product or vendor, we can help you dig deeper ..

For Product Vendors

We will tell you your weaknesses (because you presumably already know the strengths)

All Our Services

Product and Technology Selection

We can help you select the right vendors and toolsets.

Thought Leadership Advisory

We can help you create original, research-backed content that will establish your company as thought leaders in your space.

Product Benchmarking and Positioning

We can help you assess your strengths and weaknesses to be able to better compete in technology marketplace.

M&A Due Diligence

Get a deeper understanding of vendor, offerings and competitive landscape.

Digital Strategy on Demand

We can help you in understanding how to use digital for your strategic objectives.


Our workshops for technology practitioners and senior management cover several bases.

From The Blog

Thought Leadership

Mindtree Personalization Effectiveness Model

Bismi Ravindran and I collaborated on this model for Personalization Effectiveness. If you are implementing personalization strategies, we think this could be a helpful framework.

The State of Omnichannel Content 2019

(Omnichannel) - “It also includes adaptive content strategies, multichannel publishing strategies, better abilities to personalize and target content across channels, ability to integrate customer profiles across interactions, capacity to define cross-channel journeys, and finally, the ability to measure and analyze.”

A Big Data Approach to ECM

Alan Pelz-Sharpe and I argue that Legacy Enterprise Content Management (ECM) approaches have become increasingly complex, difficult to manage, and too expensive. Plus there are newer and cloud-friendly approaches emerging that Businesses should consider. 

Expert Team

Apoorv Durga

Kashyap Kompella

Manish Rathi

Alan Pelz-Sharpe

Tech Can Be Complicated. We Can Simplify.