CDP vendor BlueConic have announced new orchestration capabilities. They call it Customer Lifecycle Orchestration. As shown in the screenshot, a lifecycle consists of many stages in a customer journey. You define these stages and then for each stage, you define a custom interaction. You also define the criteria that trigger these interactions. Pic: Lifecycles in
We’re working on creating an Indian MarTech map. When there are several excellent MarTech landscape maps out there, do we need another one? Here’s a slide that explains why we
Many CDPs offer an industry or vertical specific solution. 1. Does having a vertical or industry focus matter? 2. Who are some of the vendors in each major Industry?
Recently, I did this webinar on evolution of Content Management Systems. I’ve been covering different Content Management Marketplaces (ECM, WCM etc) for a long time now. So I went back
Customer Journey Analytics vendor Pointillist have released this report based on a survey of over 1000 professionals. There’s some good data and analysis (report is free but you’ll need to
(Cover image is a diagram in the Oasis spec.) Thanks to Venky on LinkedIn, I came across this CDP specification on OASIS (Customer Data Platform Version 1.0 Committee Specification 01). The
Marketing Technology, or MarTech, is exploding as a technology category. While several constituents of MarTech, e.g., Web Content Management (WCM or CMS), Digital Asset Management (DAM) and CRM have been
I wrote this post originally about 10 years back when I started working remotely. As a result of Coronavirus pandemic, lot of people are having to work from home. So here
Should capabilities for loyalty management reside natively in your CDP or run outside of it? This is an important consideration if you are evaluating CDP platforms and have requirements to
I am planning to curate a list of MarTech products and vendors active in India. If you’d like to suggest products or vendors, you can do it here. I’ll share
CDP vendor BlueVenn announced new email marketing capabilities as part of the platform. Many other CDP vendors already provide built-in email marketing, and several integrate with external email marketing platforms.