ZEE5 partners with Quaero

Indian Video on Demand service provider ZEE5 has tied up with Customer Data Platform (CDP) Quaero.

Recall that ZEE5 also partnered with Optimove a while back. Optimove is also a Customer Data Platform (CDP).

Why Multiple CDPs?

Having multiple CDPs is no longer surprising. In fact, not all CDPs (or for that matter, any two products in a given marketplace) are created equal. Even though they might get “tick marks” for all functionality, their focus is really different. The use cases they target are different. Therefore, while evaluating products, you need to evaluate them not just on the basis of functionality but also on the basis of their strengths in terms of use cases they target.

In this case, specifically, while Quaero will be used for data management, profile stitching and other customer data management tasks. ZEE5 has 80 million customers and they will use Quaero to consolidate data about customer behavior and transactions from across several data sources. The data will be cleaned up, de-duped etc for further analytics, reporting and so forth.

This cleaned up data will probably be fed into Optimove which will use that data for content/video recommendations and personalization.

The two are very different scenarios; and if you are interested, you can read detailed evaluations of these two (plus about 40 others) in RSG’s CDP evaluations

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