#MarTechIndia plus news about Evergage and Segment

MarTech India 2019 Conference

exchange4media is organizing MarTech India 2019 conference on Friday, August 23, 2019. The theme of the conference is “Transformative Technologies for Marketing in 2020 and Beyond”. They have put together an excellent agenda.

I’ll be speaking on product selection for building your omnichannel marketing stack. Hope to see you there…

Evergage Launches Data Warehouse

CDP vendor Evergage launched a new Data Warehousing Solution. This is targeted at business analysts to carry out their own analysis. The company also released Data Science Workbench in October 2018, which shares some underlying technologies with this Data Warehouse. Data Science Workbench, as the name suggests is targeted at data scientists to carry out their own data modeling.

In both these offerings, the Evergage data is sent to these systems (a Data Warehouse and a dedicated cluster respectively). Here’s a more detailed post about this on the RSG Blog.

Segment Scaling Up

After having raised a series D of $175 Million in April 2019, Segment is strengthening its executive team. They announced new Chief Revenue Officer, and additions to their board. They will also use the funds to expand to new geos, scale up their sales and marketing, and become more Enterprise-y …

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