Interwoven is confusing

So now they’ve announced MediaBin Presentation WorkBench for PowerPoint Files. Tomorrow they’ll have a workbench for PDfs, another one for word docs, xls and so on. I’m already confused with the product lot they have – mediabin, worksite, teamsite, livesite, mailsite, records manager and a zillion others. It would be better if they could educate the market and explain when a particular product is useful. Or are we supposed to buy a different product for every different kind of functionality that my company requires?
Everyone said that the benefits of an ECM product is that one does not need different vendors for WCM, DM, DAM and all other flavours of **M but imho, different products from the same company are as bad (or as good) as different vendors.

BTW, i am a big fan of interwoven and the fact that they did not want to do everything for everyone (Vignette??) but were content with doing something for everyone. However, looks like things are changing.

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