Datawrkz, SugarCRM announce new products

Datawrkz launches Vizibl CDP

AdTech provider Datawrkz has released a new CDP called Vizibl.  The website mentions its a “CDP for advertizers”, which is probably because of company’s roots in providing adtech solutions. The other point that the company makes is that the product is targeted at small and mid-sized clients. CEO, Senthil Govindan’s LinkedIn post provides some details and mentions that it is priced at “1/10th – 1/40th of other products in the market!”.  We don’t know the actual pricing though

(side note: hey guys why such fascination with spellings?).

Interesting Insights from Total Retail’s new report

Total Retail’s 2019 Retail Technology Report (of which CDP vendor Arm Treasure Data is a co-producer) has some interesting takeaways. Inventory management and order management/order fulfilment systems will continue to get major share of investments. But Omnichannel stack technologies – Personalization, CRM, Marketing Automation and good old Content Management Systems (CMS) won’t be far behind.

The report also mentions Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as key areas that will see new investments. CDP Vendors are already gearing up for it and I know of several vendors releasing data science modules or workbenches. These are essentially pre-configured environments that let you run your own data models and then use results of those data models within the platform. More about this is a separate blog post.

Meanwhile, you can download the free report here (registration required).

SugarCRM’s new portfolio of customer experience applications

SugarCRM announced a new portfolio consisting of Sugar Marketing (for marketing automation), Sugar Sales (for sales automation) and Sugar Serve (for case management). My guess is that this is really more of a product re-naming exercise and incremental updates rather than any significant updates. Sugar already had all these three editions. You can actually download a SugarCRM evaluation as a free sample from Real Story Group.

PS: The Great Hack, on Netflix, is a documentary about the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Nice watch, if you are interested in data privacy, how personal data feeds into marketing and other similar issues. Quite relevant for marketers exploring data management platforms like CDPs etc.

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