CDP important for Customer Journey Management, Says Pointillist

Customer Journey Analytics vendor Pointillist have released this report based on a survey of over 1000 professionals.

There’s some good data and analysis (report is free but you’ll need to fill up a signup form).

There’s a full section on importance of having a centralized source of cross-channel (customer) data. Pointillist doesn’t use the term CDP but I think that’s what they’re referring to. Their tool does provide some of those capabilities.

If you are thinking about building your omnichannel stack, this is an important consideration for you. Most CDPs and Journey Orchestration tools have overlapping features. Many CDPs provide a subset of journey management, and many Journey management tools provide subset of CDP capabilities.

So you could have:

  1. CDP with Journey management capabilities
  2. Journey management with core CDP capabilities
  3. Best-of-breed CDP and Journey management

Each of these approaches have pros and cons and obviously there’s no single “best” answer. But think of these two areas as building blocks of your omnichannel stack and select appropriately…

Post first appeared on Linkedin. Header image source: Pointillist website

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