CDP BlueConic Announces Orchestration Capabilities

CDP vendor BlueConic have announced new orchestration capabilities. They call it Customer Lifecycle Orchestration. As shown in the screenshot, a lifecycle consists of many stages in a customer journey. You define these stages and then for each stage, you define a custom interaction. You also define the criteria that trigger these interactions.

Pic: Lifecycles in BlueConic. Source: BlueConic Blog.

BlueConic and several other CDPs now provide orchestration capabilities. Many products provide a drag-drop interface where you can lay out components to visualize journeys. I haven’t seen the demo, but as far as I can make out, BlueConic doesn’t provide that yet.

A unified customer data platform and journey orchestration are fundamental for an omnichannel stack. Many CDPs now bundle journey orchestration. And many orchestration platforms also bundle at least a subset of CDP capabilities.

So you can decide between:

  1. CDP with Journey management capabilities
  2. Journey management/orchestration platform with core CDP capabilities
  3. Best-of-breed CDP and Journey orchestration platforms

So which approach do you prefer?

My take is there’s no single “best” answer. Each of these approaches have pros and cons. These two areas as building blocks of your omnichannel stack, so do think about this before signing up..

Screenshot: BlueConic Blog.

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