Global SIM Options when you Travel from India

If you think most mobile operators are fleecing you with ridiculously high roaming tariffs, this post is for you.  The good news is there are quite a few options now. Here’s a quick summary: Matrix and Clay, both provide country specific SIM cards. The obvious advantage is that you get a local number for the country you plan … Read moreGlobal SIM Options when you Travel from India

Collaborate and Innovate

Congratulations to good friends and ex-colleagues – Munish and Jayesh who have given up their cushy jobs at Wipro to launch ideaken. ideaken uses social media to enable collaborative innovation. To quote: Collaborative innovation takes place when one starts to leverage unknown or unnamed sources of ideas, solutions & knowledge along with the known and … Read moreCollaborate and Innovate

Checklist – Setting up Home Office in India

I’ve recently set up my home office and it was quite an experience. There were quite a few checklists on the web but they were really not suitable for Indian conditions (are we the only ones who use a UPS? ). So here’s what worked for me. Your mileage may be different. Laptop and/or desktop: … Read moreChecklist – Setting up Home Office in India