Salesforce to Acquire Tableau

Salesforce announced it will acquire Tableau for $15.7B, its most expensive acquisition yet. Earlier, Google acquired Looker. For Digital Marketing Technology, especially for those use cases that require a unified customer profile across channels, Analytics plays a very important part. I think of these as three important pillars for these use cases: Customer Data Platforms … Read moreSalesforce to Acquire Tableau

Where Do You House Your Personalization?

Personalization is a key tool in Marketer’s toolkit and as with many other capabilities, there are multiple places to house your personalization “engine”. Of course, there is no single right answer and you could mix and match different strategies for different scenarios. Each alternative has its pros and cons. With the end system or channel … Read moreWhere Do You House Your Personalization?

Myth: IT Not Required for Marketing Platforms

One major selling point of newer, cloud-based marketing tools such as Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) and Journey Orchestration Engines (JOEs) is that you can quickly get started without involving IT, and that your marketers and other customer experience specialists can do everything on their own. Myth or Reality? It is… #EntArch #martech This post first … Read moreMyth: IT Not Required for Marketing Platforms

What’s New in Adobe’s Data Management Offerings?

Last week, Adobe made a few announcements related to Data Management and adjacent technologies and marketplaces. Coming amid the vendor’s annual summit featuring the usual spate of sports-and-entertainment dignitaries, it’s always a challenge to figure out what’s substance from what’s splash, but I’ll try. The two key announcements were related… #cx #customerdata #digitalmarketing This post … Read moreWhat’s New in Adobe’s Data Management Offerings?

Salesforce Changes Its Mind on CDPs

This month has been hectic for CDP market, especially with large enterprise software vendors jumping in. Informatica bought AllSight and then Adobe and Salesforce announced their CDP offerings. We’ll have more to say in a bit about Adobe, but this post is about Salesforce. Salesforce About-Face Bob Stutz, CEO of… This post first appeared on … Read moreSalesforce Changes Its Mind on CDPs

EAI for Marketers – Customer Data Platforms

Cross-posted from LinkedIn Customer Data Platform (CDP) technology is an emerging category in the MarTech stack. David Raab coined the term and defines it as: “A marketer-managed system that creates a persistent, unified customer database accessible to other systems.” The rationale seems almost self evident. A typical enterprise interacts with its customers across multiple channels: one or more … Read moreEAI for Marketers – Customer Data Platforms