AltView Newsletter: What are IBM, Oracle, Adobe, Salesforce and SAP up to in CDP marketplace?

What’s Up With CDPs From Big MarTech Vendors?

Large infrastructure and MarTech mega vendors – IBM, Oracle, Adobe, Salesforce, and SAP – have been slow to join the CDP bandwagon. But all of them have now raised their stakes in this marketplace.

Here’s a short summary of what these vendors are up to.

CDPs – Do You Need More Than One?

The issue of single versus multiple platforms in the same tool space is not unique to CDPs. In the past, we’ve seen this trend with Portals, Email Marketing/Automation vendors, and Web Content Management (WCM) platforms. In all these cases, enterprises quite reasonably seek a single solution, but in real life, some firms need multiple different platforms for very good reasons. 

This post explores this aspect in context of Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) and provides some guidance on how to assess strengths and weaknesses based on different Scenarios.

Arm Treasure Data Adds New Capabilities

CDP Arm Treasure Data announced “Treasure Boxes”, a library of prebuilt components.  Treasure Boxes have been categorised into different areas – Analytics Box, Machine Learning Box, Integration Box, Data Box and Tool Box. Each of these boxes have several solutions, with each solution consisting of pre-built code and components along with visualizations. E.g., the Web Analytics solution, which is in Analytics Box provides several example reports and dashboards.

The press release mentions this as a “first” in the industry. That may not be entirely true. Many CDPs now provide a catalog like capability so you can use components from a pre-built library to extend or customise your solution. I find this approach useful because you can have a core platform and then pick and use the functionality that you require instead of having everything in the core platform itself. Keeps it light and modular. You can check out their “Treasure Boxes” here.

Acquia Acquired by PE Firm

Private equity firm Vista Equity Partners has announced it is buying a majority stake in WCM (and now DXP) vendor Acquia.

Acquia is the commercial company that originally provided solutions and services primarily around open source Drupal. Off late, they’ve acquired Mautic (for email marketing) and OEM’ed a journey orchestration engine (from Kitewheel) and built additional capabilities. 

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