AltView Newsletter: News about Optimove, Lytics and mParticle

India’s ZEE5 partners with Israel-based Optimove to build a customer data platform (CDP).

Optimove has some interesting machine-learning based predictive modelling as well as segmentation capabilities. So here’s hoping ZEE5 will improve its content recommendations.

Lytics announces StartSmart

StartSmart is an 8-week program to get Marketers to come upto speed with Lytics and get up and running. Lytics will include training on the platform as well as help with strategy and technical guidance.

CDPs are increasingly becoming complex and there’s a lot to configure – data sources integrations, data modeling, machine learning, segments etc. So this kind of program is a good move and almost all CDP vendors have some form of this initial hand-holding…

mParticle announces new capabilities for unifying identities and orchestration

mParticle released several updates, including better capabilities to merge use profiles, support for self hosting and orchestration.

I was very keen on understanding orchestration capabilities, but couldn’t really find any details other than a mention in the press release. 

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