AltView Newsletter: Adobe’s New Customer Journey Analytics Plus News About Oracle and New CDP Evaluations

Adobe Intros Customer Journey Analytics in Adobe Analytics

(header image source: Adobe)

Adobe has added new capabilities for Customer Journey Analytics within its Analytics platform. For max benefit, you will need to use these capabilities in conjunction with Adobe Experience Platform, which is Adobe’s upcoming Customer Data Platform (CDP) offering.  AEP will stitch together customer profiles and consolidate customer data from other platforms and then you can use customer journey analytics on that data to analyse customer journeys. You can bring different “layers” of data or different data-sets for analytics.

Adobe calls this Photoshop inspired because you have concepts of layers in PS too. More importantly for you though, you must consider an important architectural issue: Where should customer journey analytics reside? In a layer of its own, as part of an analytics platform, as part of CDP, as part of a journey orchestration system or something else? Of course, there’s never a universally correct answer here but do consider functionality, ease of integration, separation of concerns and other aspects before deciding..

Read more about these capabilities on Adobe’s Blog.  

Updates to CDP Technology Evaluations

The MarTech marketplaces that Real Story Group covers continue to evolve rapidly and have become more complex (with more overlaps!) this year. The Customer Data Platform (CDP) market is no different. We add new vendors to our evaluations and update existing vendors almost on a weekly basis. The latest edition includes updates to RedPoint Global, Evergage, and BlueConic plus addition of CrossEngage, a Berlin-based CDP with a pronounced GDPR story. Check more details here.

Oracle Partners With Kaltura

Kaltura provides a Video PaaS (VPass) platform for creating and managing video and rich media assets. Oracle has OEM’ed this platform and will use it to enable capabilities for creating and managing videos within Oracle’s Content and Experience products. Remember that Oracle already has some Digital Asset Management (DAM) capabilities as part of its content and experience cloud. This is different though as Kaltura focused on advanced capabilities for all aspects of Video, including creation, management, streaming etc. 

Here’s more information on Oracle’s Blog announcing this partnership.


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