New roles for WCM technology in an age of wearables

In the good old days, WCM technology primarily severed deliver content to a website — hence the name "Web Content Management". At best, "multi-channel" referred to the ability to deliver content to more than one type of website; e.g., an Intranet and a public facing website. Of course, things have changes drastically from there. You … Read moreNew roles for WCM technology in an age of wearables

New Advisory and Webinar — ECM Survey Results

Real Story Group conducted an online survey in Q1 2015 to obtain practitioner perspectives on key enterprise content management software-related themes. The survey results included a cross-section of organizations that were drawn from a variety of geographies and industries. This new advisory paper (subscribers-only) summarizes key results around system usage, how SharePoint is (and isn’t … Read moreNew Advisory and Webinar — ECM Survey Results

EMC de-syncs from Syncplicity

Private equity firm Skyview Capital is acquiring Syncplicity from EMC. Acquired by EMC in 2012, Syncplicity is a cloud-based file sharing and sync service (CFSS), focused on enterprise customers. Some other similar services are Citrix ShareFile, Oxygen Cloud, Box (which now wants to move beyond CFSS), and host of other, mostly consumer-oriented services like Dropbox, … Read moreEMC de-syncs from Syncplicity