Goodbye 2007, Welcome 2008

2007 has been a good year for portal and content technologies. Here’s a summary of some themes that became popular and will probably be discussed in 2008 as well. Web 2.0: There’s nothing new about it as we’ve been seeing the impact of web 2.0 for quite sometime now. What’s new is the fact that Web 2.0 … Read more Goodbye 2007, Welcome 2008

EMC to acquire Document Sciences Corp

I have said before that ECM vendors should provide Document Composition features as this space is very closely related to content management. The folks at EMC seem to agree. EMC ended the year with the news of acquiring Document Sciences. Doc Sciences’ xPression is a product that targets the Document Composition or Document Output Management … Read more EMC to acquire Document Sciences Corp

Open Source Mobile Content Delivery

Even though most CMS products claim they can deliver content to any device, the fact remains that delivering content to mobile devices is quite different. What most of them provide is the ability to separate content from its presentation and then apply a different template if you want to deliver to mobile device. BTW, this … Read more Open Source Mobile Content Delivery

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