IBM announces tools for Social Networking

IBM is soon going to launch a new product to push Social Computing to the enterprise. Called Lotus Connections, this product bundles features like Blogs and Social Bookmarking along with some other features. Although, tools for social networking have been available for quite a while, an organization has to buy different products for different feature … Read more IBM announces tools for Social Networking

Decoupling ECM features revisited

Many vendors have successfuly decoupled search from ECM. Many people have been asking for decoupling of other features as well. I’ve written on CMS Watch on what I think about this.

James McGovern had made some observations about a related post that I had written some time back. Here’s my take on some of those:

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Wish list for 2007

I asked my friend and colleague, Kashyap about his wish for the next year and this is what he said:

I want to have a PC integrated into the walls in the house. There will be a slot where I can drop in bills, visiting cards, papers etc and they get scanned and stored in content management system… and I can pull these up using the touch screen on the wall and also be able to access this information from anywhere else. Home PC in its true sense!

And here’s my wish list for the new year. What’s yours?

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