JSR 170 Report Card

I’ve been quite disappointed by the progress made towards JSR 170 compliance. I was never very hopeful but this has been worse than I expected. Of the commercial product vendors, only Day has a product that is JSR 170 compliant. But then Day has been leading the effort and it is to be expected of them. Day have also created a connector for Documentum and connectors for different other commercial products are under development but then this is an effort by Day and not by those vendors.

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Offshoring in ECM context

Recent announcements by GM and ABN AMRO clearly show that outsourcing and offshoring to multiple vendors is the way ahead. There are obvious benefits, however, there have been some concerns that offshoring has not been able to deliver the promise. In my opinion, this is not because of the fact that offshoring itself is not workable but because of the way people decide what to offshore and how to manage it.

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