Should BPM be a part of ECM?

With all this consolidation happening and niche vendors going down under, this is something that a lot of people are considering. James McGovern had also asked this question sometime back.

Most content management implementations have some kind of workflow requirements. For web content management projects, it is mostly “create-edit-review-publish” paradigm whereas for document centric requirements, it is more involved. There are requirements like scanning,

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Outstanding questions regarding ECM

James McGovern has raised some very pertinent questions about ECM. I’ve been thinking about them and here are my views on some of those.

Several vendors have came up with the notion of eContent Integration (ECI) that sit on top of ECM platforms. Many vendors in this space are now being acquired. The real question is whether the ECI layer can/should be replaced with say JSR-170. Any thoughts on the pros/cons of using JSR-170 vs ATOM vs SCA vs JBI for this type of functionality?

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From Vignette to OpenCMS

Based on a recent project for redeveloping a Vignette based site using OpenCMS, here are some observations:

OpenCMS is infinitely extensible even though it takes some time to figure out things. So, though there were technical challenges, all of them were sorted out.
One major area in which OpenCMS (and other open source products) lags behind Vignette (and other proprietary products) is the ability to replicate content. This has the following implications:

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