Blogging and Content Management

Can Blogging applications be categorized as Content Management Systems? I think there is a very thin line dividing the two. ECM suites are so expensive that Gartner created a new category called “Basic Content Services” to refer to content management offerings that provide very basic features at low costs to a large number of people. … Read more Blogging and Content Management

Google a step closer to taking over the Internet

I had written earlier about the possibility of a Google Instant Messenger. Google Talk was recently announced. It’s got a simple interface with a small footprint (900 K). However, unlike Yahoo’s IM, it’s strength seems to be voice chat. But then, it is in beta and you never know what course they decide to take. … Read more Google a step closer to taking over the Internet

Another stand alone portal vendor dead?

BEA Systems announced it will acquire enterprise portal solution provider Plumtree Software Inc. Plumtree was one of the few pure stand-alone portals remaining and has strong collaboration and workgroup features. This has strengthened my belief that the era of stand-alone portals is over. Some people think BEA has got it really cheap for $200 million … Read more Another stand alone portal vendor dead?

Oracle buys Context Media

The consolidation continues. Oracle bought Enterprise Content Integration (ECI) vendor Context Media. IBM also signed an agreement to buy another data integration vendor DWL after it bought ECI vendor Venetica earlier.

These ECI vendors served an important niche. If a customer had multiple ECM systems, they could invest in a good ECI product and marry disparate ECM repositories. However,

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Improved Usability with AJAX

Google has mastered the art of using simple things to create highly usable applications. This time they have done it using AJAX. There is a good introduction here.

Products in the PCM space are not known for usability, which many analysts predict is going to be a big trend now. These product vendors could do well by incorporating AJAX in their products. Some of the simple applications that can use this are:

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