My Google?

I’d posted earlier about Google’s emergence as a player in the portals space. I recently noticed that they have improved the personalized Google offering. One can add bookmarks, custom news and even feeds, just like one would do on My Yahoo. There is an “add content” link using which users can select content ranging from … Read more My Google?

Fatwire announces end of life for Content Server 4.0

Fatwire recently announced end of life for version 4 of its flagship Content Server product. I read about it at CMSWatch. I’ve seen this product since version 2x and this is one product that has survived more take overs than any other product in the same space. IPS (As it was originally called) moved from Futuretense, Open Market, divine and finally landed with Fatwire.

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Interwoven, Sun and Microsoft

Interwoven recently announced that Sun will Resell their Enterprise Content Management Platform.

Most of the ECM vendors side with either MS or Sun (Java). This means, they have a tighter integration with one of the two technology stacks. For example, Vignette and Documentum integrate with Java based stack. Although Vignette earlier allowed people to program using ASP but I think they have dropped that now. RedDot is primarily MS based.

Interwoven on the other hand is one CMS vendor who works woth both Microsoft and Java.

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Open Source CMS Comparison

I’ve been playing around with some JAVA based Open Source Content Management Systems for some time for an upcoming project. I’ve considered OpenCMS, Apache’s Lenya and Alfresco uptil now and am posting some of the observations here. I will try and keep this a *living* post i.e., I will keep updating it as and when possible. Once I have more details, I might even restructure it so that comparison is a feature by feature comparison. I will also add reviews about other Open Source CMSes too if I get an opportunity to play around with them.

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